Welcome to Sunshine Lawn Care. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on keeping your yard at its best!  


We make every attempt to communicate via email and/or phone if service will be delayed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. In the event that regular maintenance service must be postponed, we will provide your service on the next possible service day that the weather & schedule allow.  Please understand there can be many customers to reschedule, especially if there has been more than one day's weather delay. So, it will not always be the following day, but will be as close to your regular day as possible. This is to avoid skipping an entire service, in order to keep everyone on schedule, and keep your yard looking great.  If it is a one-off job that is not part of regular maintenance, or a larger job, it may need to be rescheduled entirely. If this is the case, we'll make contact to reschedule on the earliest possible mutually acceptable day. PLEASE NOTE: If at your request an entire service cycle is skipped, an additional clean-up pricing and scheduling may apply (See #5 & 6 on Maintenance and Clean-Ups).

For regular maintenance:  
Invoices are sent via email, generally at the very beginning of the month, for services performed the prior month.  If you have not received an invoice by the 5th, feel free to reach out to Pam (contact details below). Invoices are a "Net 15," meaning they are due 15 days after the date they are issued.

For one-time jobs, such as clean-ups, plant or material installations, etc.: I
nvoices are generally created upon job completion & sent via email. Sometimes, they will be included with your regular monthly invoice, depending on when job is completed. These invoices are also a "Net 15," meaning they are due 15 days after the date they are issued.

There are several ways to pay.

  • You can use the green "pay now" button at the bottom of your invoice. This allows you to set up your online customer portal, pay your bill, see your billing history, payments made, etc.

  • You can call and pay by credit card over the phone to Pam (contact details below).

  • You can write a check to Sunshine Lawn Care, LLC and mail it to 1233 Chuka Ct., Charleston, SC 29412.

  • We also have a PayPal option. This is not our preferred method, but, if you do need to use this method, reach out to Pam for more information.

LATE FEES: Any account balances 45 days or older may result in $5.00 per month late fees. Services may be suspended at this point until account is brought current. If collections action is required, any collections costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

In order for our crews to complete your service visit on your service day, they must have access to all service areas upon which we’ve agreed. This includes fenced-in backyards, gated or locked areas, pets in the yard, vehicles blocking access areas, and any other restrictions that may prevent them from reaching an agreed service area. Please, do not leave pets unattended in backyard or gated or restricted service areas that crew needs to access. This is a safety issue for crew, as well as for your pet(s)!

*** If crew is unable to access any portion of the agreed service area due to restricted access, we will be unable to service that portion of the property. Time constraints, and provision of the best customer service to all scheduled customers, preclude our ability to provide “return visits” for these issues. So, the inaccessible area will have to wait until the next scheduled visit to be serviced.

Maintenance visits are scheduled and priced on a minimum of bi-weekly (every other week) frequency. Basic Maintenance includes mowing, edging, weed-eating as necessary in lawn areas only (weed eating in beds is part of “Weed Control,” not Basic Maintenance), and blowing off.  Weed Control in bed areas and/or hedge trimming can be included for a Full Maintenance. Turf weed control is offered as part of our chemical program -- not included in regular maintenance.

Visits that include anything additional to what is quoted in your maintenance service, and/or at a lesser frequency (e.g. once a month service), are considered clean-ups, due to the additional time and labor required. This can include debris or leaf clean-up, raking out beds or other larger projects, OR just small additional items such as hedges or weed control if you’re on Basic Maintenance. Clean-ups are priced separately, usually at a “per man hour” rate, and may need to be scheduled apart from your regular maintenance day. “Man-hour” means per person, per hour. Two workers for one half hour equals one man hour.

We hope that this information is helpful in answering your basic service and billing questions. We look forward to helping keep your yard beautiful!

Pamela Terelak, Co-Owner/Administrative Manager

843.804.9508 - office (call only)

843.801.6989 - mobile (call/text)

Mike Terelak, Owner/Operations


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